Published 12.12 2018

Traditional Finnish Christmas song updated. Listen the clip and download the song in the shop. Please enjoy. Buy one productset and get christmassong for free.

We have recorded a traditional Finnish christmas song again wishing everyone merry christmas. It is updated for the second millennium. Intro: monk choir, 1.&2.verse: lead singing, 3. verse: instrumental with guitar solo, 4. verse: all together

The "Christmas Tree has been Built" song was first published in the New Kuwa-Aapinen book, "Christmas-Tree", published in 1876. The vocalist of the song is not mentioned in it, but the songs published were usually written by the book editor K. O. Kaunonen. This pseudonym was a member of the Jyväskylä township, Priest Gustaf Oskar Schöneman.

Kalevi Toiviainen, who studied the backgrounds of Christmas carols and G. O. Schöneman's personal history, have explained that "Christmas tree has been built" is Schöneman's words. Also on the basis of the genomic history of the Schöneman family, the issue is clear. In 1883, Schöneman also translated the Christmas carol of Stille Nacht in the 1818s by Austrian Mohammed Joseph Mohr in 1818.  The "Christmas Tree has been built" song is a Finnish folk tune. The same melody was the song "The Song of the Child", which was included in the songbook of 50 Koulu-Laulu in 1864. This songbook was delivered by music teacher Heinrich Wächter, who lived in hanseatic city, Vyborg, that belongs to Russia nowdays, because of the second world war.

Buy one productset and get christmassong for free.